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      Wednesday 23th August 2016

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Welcome To JAG Dohne Merino

JAG Dohne Merinos, located in the high rainfall district of Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills, is owned and managed by stud principals Greg Petersen and Jude Eustice. Both Greg and Jude have a long and extensive experience in the small stud stock industry.

JAG Dohne Merinos endeavours to produce sheep of exceptional quality by only purchasing elite animals and genetics, by adhering to strict “attention to detail “ and selection criteria, and by heavy culling of the ewe flock.

The result is large robust sheep, with high fertility, sound feet and legs, attractive soft white wools and the ability to be able to withstand the harsh winter conditions of the Adelaide Hills. Sheep made for the production of fat lambs and for the production of quality merino type wool.

JAG Dohne Merinos rams have now performed well in a range of climatic conditions ranging from the hot dry of the West Coast and The Murray Mallee to the wetter areas of the South East , Kangaroo Island and the Adelaide Hills.

Latest News

  • JAG on farm ram sale...

    Jul , 6 2017 JAG ON FARM RAM SALE Wednesday 23rd August 11.00 am 6 River Road Hahndorf SA
  • 2016 Ram Sale...

    Aug , 10 2016 27 HIGH QUALITY Rams for sale. Great bodies carrying fabulous white wool.